The "Ovens Dorigo" MP4-G models are designed to cook with our gas system positioned on the right, left or front to give maximum efficiency with the addition theatrical thanks to the appearance of our flame gas burner that provides the highest yields at the lowest cost in the world market and an electrical resistance infrared that reaches the temperature from 10 ° C to 220 ° C in 13 minutes.!
The infrared heating element located under the stove has a total power of 5.5 kW, if used in 100% or 2.5kw, if used in 50%. Provides immediate recovery of the heat losses of the hob in a few minutes and is governed in a manual or automatic from 2nd temperature probe.
The "Ovens Dorigo" models G-MP4-EL-el are available in 4 versions. ovens are delivered assembled with the possibility of disassembly to cross each wide door more than 70 cm. and can be moved with the cart, and in the case of removal can be dismantled and relocated to new premises.
We recommend this solution for the installation of 4 pieces in less than 3 hours by unskilled personnel using suitable lifting equipment recommended by us.
The "Ovens Dorigo" model G-MP4-EL are supplied assembled and disassembled in 4 pieces: metal tank with insulation and stove in one piece support structure robust, monolithic dome built in vibrato super high alumina refractory concrete that is positioned externally floor and front arc on a metallic substrate with power draw and incorporated hood, ceramic fiber insulation than 20cm thick, copper colored metal top cover ashlar.
The curvature of the monolithic dome has a spherical shape that provides maximum ventilation and combustion of wood or gas and is sheltered by a sturdy metal frame with a thickness of 4mm.
The height from the floor to the roof and firing 'of 44 cm and with the right relationship with the case leakage delivers significant energy savings and a huge thermal resistance. in the model "Rome" and the height of 48cm.
The hobs are in one piece with a thickness up to 80mm and have a size from 100-115-145-165 cm in diameter. The density of vibrated refractory material in hobs and in the gores of the domes guarantees an enormous build up of heat resulting in energy saving.
The deep sill and closed the walls ensures lower heat from escaping into the workspace of pizza and lower fuel consumption.
The width and '58 cm. the sill is covered and protected by a stainless steel plate bent.
The front arc has a thickness of 10 cm and is' 80cm wide and 45cm high.
The flue gas connection has a width of 197mm
10 year warranty for oven and 2 years for the resistance and 3 years for gas burner